The Question of Leather Peeling

March 4, 2019 By admin

The Question of Leather Peeling

There are times when we come across enquiries from clients, requesting us to replace their synthetic leather sofa with cowhide due to peeling. For that question, we would normally advise our clients, there isnt a need to replace them with cowhide, but another type of synthetic leather will do as well – PVC Leather in Singapore.

What are the differences between PU and PVC leather ?

Lets not dwell too much into the chemical made up of both PU and PVC. In our layman terms, Pu leather are manufactured to resemble those looks of a cowhide, but their bond of the first layer to their second layer are highly breakable by moist. Which explains why in a high humidity environment like Singapore, PU leather tends to peel. For PVC leather, it was designed to be durable, but aesthetic wise will lose out to those of PU leather. It might not look authentic, but it certainly wont peel in our local context.


So good luck in getting new furniture in Singapore. For most faux leather, it will be in PU context. Unless you require the seller to send them to local upholsterer to convert them into PVC leather.