Is Deer Placenta that miraculous as proclaim by Sellers?

March 3, 2019 By admin

Is Deer Placenta that miraculous as proclaim by Sellers?

As companies embark on the ever increasing health needs of our earth population, there have been a demand of new supplements, and the latest in town: Deer Placenta. We have been to talks about how Deer Placenta distributed by Riway International, and the speaker was showcasing several examples where his friends or clients have their health tremendously improved after taking in their Deer Placenta. While such showcases often aroused the interest of the audiences, it set us wondering, why arent medical centers offering them as a good medical alternative?

Deer Placenta, Purtier
Deer Placenta by Purtier

Below are several points that the speaker pointed out during his speech;


  • Stem Cells from Placenta are self regenerating, and by consuming deer placenta, we are increasing the number of new cells in our body
  • Why Deer Placenta instead of other mammals? Because deer does not have gall,therefore no toxicity in its body, which means deer do not fall sick.
  • Every organs of deer are beneficial to human body as stated in the Compendium of Materia Medica (commonly known as Ben Cao Gang Mu , 本草纲目)
  • 4 pills a day, for 6 months and you will experience a positive change to your body

By doing a simple google search, we will realize there have been several medical bodies issuing warning that Deer Placenta, no doubt was approved as safe consumption, but its status should be of HEALTH SUPPLMENT, and not any form of medical treatments.

Why Deer Placenta instead of other mammals?

Are the organs of Deer that beneficial, that even Compendium of Materia Medica has a huge list of benefits in it?

While it was mentioned in the Compendium of Materia Medica that parts of a deer do carry certain medical benefits, but it was restricted to only Antler, the horn of the deer.

Deer Placenta
Deer Eating regularly

While we are accepting the fact that there can be multiple reasons behind the benefits of deer placenta that was being left un-researched, but to have a bottle of it, with a concentration of 10,000mg selling at SGD 568, there are plenty of alternatives out there selling at half of its cost. Do note that main manufacturer of Purtier Placenta is by a New Zealand Company called Alpha Laboratories. If we do a search on it, we will realize there are several other brands that are manufactured from the same Manufacturer.